Wednesday,  July 13th, 2005...Shadow Lake

Up at 6:30…Coffee at 7…Koshi cereal for our breakfast fare today along with some Tang and milk…we were on the trail by 9:30 today.  We were so caught up in the scenery…we somehow managed to pass the trail intersection and had to backtrack about ½ mile…this was one time being a bit behind the group was a blessing…Jim (my new best friend) and I didn’t have as  far to return!  In a very short while we were at the intersection with the main N/S trail…While we were on our lunch break eating fresh zuchinni and tabuli …we met and chatted with a couple from Kansas who had brought their 2 goats to the Wind Rivers.  They were very friendly but stayed close by “Mom”…It was at this point, on our way to Shadow Lake that we got our first breath-taking view of the back of the “Cirque of Towers.”   We encountered a creek crossing, fairly easy for most…but I was treated to a “free ride” so crossed without my pack.  After hiking approximately  3 ½ to 4 miles…we arrived at camp before 3 pm. Ron and Craig were our KP crew…However Craig didn’t feel so hot... so Rich filled in.   Dinner was Green Potato soup and Walnut Chicken surprise…my least favorite meal of the week. Not the cooks fault…I just didn’t care for all the fiber.    

Our conservation talk by Roger was again very interesting and informative.   The quotations by John Muir and  Edward Abby were inspiring…but the except from the Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold created a visual image that  was especially moving.   The sun set was spectacular…but I wasn’t quick enough to get any pictures…(I promised myself to try to do better the next night.)

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