Tuesday,  July 12th, 2005....East Fork River

Today we got off to a great start…back on the projected schedule of rising at 6:30…Coffee at 7…Breakfast following…Today we had Cream of  Wheat, milk and Tang…Vicki and Rich were #3 but Vicki and I traded since she was still feeling the altitude…Clean up went quickly and we left camp on the Highline trail at 11 am…it turned out to be a delightful trail…lots of great views and good footing…We turned right at the old horse bridge, built before the Wilderness Act of 1964.  We were surprised to find ourselves ready to set up camp on a bench above the East Fork River at 2 pm.  We were so far ahead of our expected arrival time that after a lunch of P- B andJ on tortillas…many of the group had enough energy to take a day hike up on the far ridge.  I went swimming and did some laundry.  Dinner was Green Pea soup, spaghetti with a great sauce made by Roger…and chocolate pudding.   

After dinner we played  “Jeopardy” with our  Leave No Trace education lesson. The guys ended up "winning" the 20 lb badge of shame.   Chris taught a lesson on the origins of navigation but we decided to save the map and compass lesson for a later time.  Jim gave us a mini-lesson on the night sky and many of us stayed up to see it in person after dark.  The night was still very cool so we curtailed the lesson and Jim promised to explain the Plani-sphere to us the next afternoon. 

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