Thursday,  July 14th, 2005...Shadow Lake

A layover day …AT LAST!   But we were up at  6:30… Coffee at 7…A quick breakfast since most of the group were headed up to try the  Texas Pass route to other side of the Cirque.  Ellen and I did laundry and hung out in the mosquito free zone of the “Great Rock.”  Unfortunately the group  was turned back at the pass by heavy snow , but had a great hike past two beautiful lakes and a picturesque  waterfall.   The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing by the lake in the "MFZ"  Vicki and Michael were our designated KP folks tonight and they made us a delicious Leek soup and bow-tie pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and a Vanilla/Oreo cookie pudding dessert.   

At our group input and feedback session... it was decided that tomorrow we would set out with Marm's Lake as our primary destination...and then if we were all in agreement we could hike on to Dad's Lake... where we could have another layover day.  One last conservation chat with Roger and a wonderful sunset afterglow picture of the “Cirque”  topped off a perfect day.

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