Sunday,  July 10th, 2005...Boulter Lake

My body…being on Eastern daylight time…decided to arise at 4:30 am…so by the time everyone else was up at “at em” I was already packed and ready to roll…Roger fed me his practice pancakes while the others were getting their gear ready…he then let me busy myself making pancakes for the group.  We divided the commissary and  started the drive to Pinedale where we were to meet Michael and Denise. . I had never really tried to drink from my wide-mouthed bottle until I was in the car and discovered  it tended to dribble down the front of my shirt…so while we were in Pinedale…I  bought postcards and stamps and a new Nalgene bottle at the outdoor store.   After locating Michale and Denise at the city park pavilion in Pinedale, we feasted on  a great chicken salad lunch with carrots and celery sticks and cookies. After driving through the postoffice…we hit the gravel road at Boulder , WY at 4pm.  Made a brief stop to see the knoll  which was traversed by the settlers on their way west on the Oregon trail.  

We arrived at our original destination for the evening,  Big Sandy campground a little before 5:30pm.  When the tailgate of our van was opened…someone yelled…  "Get your DEET ready…"  I turned to look out the back and saw a mosquito swarm of biblical proportions…darkening the sky… about to descend upon us…  We hightailed it out of there as fast as we could…planning on getting  a couple of  miles under our belt…thus making the next day a bit easier.  That was our new  plan…but Murphy’s Law seemed to be in effect in the Wind Rivers as in other parts of the world and as we all know… even "...the best plans oft times go astray!"   and this was no exception.  Our two miles evolved into four...since the planned  camp area was a mosquito infested marsh.   The promised procedure of stopping every 30 minutes for a 5 minute break and every hour for a little longer break was not followed due to the necessity of keeping one step ahead of the bugs…so Jim (the designated sweep) and I were quickly separated from the group.  After hiking for almost 3 hours without seeing the others…I was nervous that we might have taken a wrong turn…we followed the advised  procedure and stopped and called out many times but no one answered… Thankfully a little before dark… 8:30 to be exact… we rounded the corner and spotted the group in a large meadow on the shore of Boulter Lake.  It was marshy and again…yes you guessed it… loaded with mosquitos! 
But this time we were ready to stop... no matter what!  

Terri and Deb were the most unlucky ones in the group since they had drawn KP for the night…they toughed it out however and prepared us a great dinner of soup, a tofu/pasta main course and some dessert…Sorry gals…I was so tired I didn’t even remember what I ate…When Chris sends out the meal plan I will fill in the details……Although Terri cut her finger on a knife that had been dropped in the dish water…the day finally ended on a high note with a clear sky and spectacular display of stars…(Of course that made the night very cold and we all shivered our way to dreamland!.)

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