Saturday, July 9th, 2005 ...Tower Flats, Alta...Little Cottonwood Canyon

My  Southwest flight arrived in Salt Lake City on time at 11:45.  Roger, Jim,  Ellen and Teri were already there and waiting for me.  We jumped in the car and headed for lunch at a grocery/deli…Wild Oats…. By 1pm we were all gathered at the REI store for an orientation meeting where we introduced ourselves and played the “tennis ball game”…name your target and fire away!   We also played a “have you ever” game, a kind of spin-off version of musical chairs…When we all were warmed up and relaxed…Chris and Roger shared with us their insights on packing .  On this trip we will not be using the old iodine tablets...rather we will purify our water supply with the new clorine-dioxide tablets...Micropur MP.  These tablets take about 30 minutes to work and are virtually tasteless.   We brought in our gear and the leaders  sorted through it all with a fine toothcomb…Back out into the REI store gear section  for a few last minute items and we were on our way!   

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at Tower Flats in Alta at Little Cottonwood Canyon campground.   We were called to attention and formed a line where Deb and Terri lost the coin toss and were given the number 1…which meant they would have double duty on KP…I was designated as a 5 to join forces with Michael.   

Our leaders did a fine job with the cooking tonight…Minestrone soup, Pasta Primavera and Chocolate Peanut Butter pie…OOPS…Jim was sad to announce that “..the nasty old creek had peed on our  pan…so we shall have no pie!”  Oh well…we were all tired from our flights…so we just packed up and went to bed at 9pm. 


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