Saturday, July 16th, 2005...Dad's Lake

Regular early morning routine again today so the group could get on the trail…Granola and coffee and off they went… Ellen and Jim and I cleaned up and re-organized the gear to be ready for the possible rain.  Ellen read Hunting Season, a Nevada Barr book that Michael loaned her.  I found a secret camp site on the southwest shore of  Dad’s Lake and spent the better part of the day there… imagining I was a pioneer... I beat my clothes on a rock, swam and bathed in the warm water of the lake.  After a lunch of egg salad, tortillas (and left over German potato salad for me)…I returned to my pioneer home to take some pictures. 

 As the afternoon wore on and  the clouds built up….I returned to help Jim move all of the commissary to a safe location under the tarps.  When all was secure I crawled into Roger’s Megamid tent and promptly fell sound asleep.  A loud clap of thunder that reverberated throughout the mountains for a full 15 seconds woke me with a start.  (Jim assured me I hadn’t snored…)  Although we had many false starts of rain…our only real shower  lasted for a brief 5 minutes and was gone. 

 By the time the group returned from their hike at 5 pm,  the sun was again blessing us with its presence.  This time they made it all the way up and over the pass.  Although they were belted with some hail ...they were rewarded with some spectacular views.  (You guys need to send me some of those pics!)  The altitude did a number on Vicki again and Julio slipped and strained his ankle…Roger and Chris brought back snow for us to see and Julio to use! 

We re-located the commissary back to it’s original location and we all pitched in and helped Terri and Deb on their 2nd round of KP.  I was sure Roger put too much basil in the Tomato/Basil soup…but we all agreed it was one of the best soups yet…Our food supply was running low and we were out of many of the ingredients planned for our supper...but Roger did a loaves and fishes miracle and  made us an olive oil and pesto sauce that complimented our only remaining staple…Pasta…We all were wowed by the biscotti/ and expresso  dessert of Terra-misui…  After dinner we had a feedback/highlight session and suggestions for future hikes.  We were given LaKota names by Jim…as follows:

Ellen       Leaves Wake Behind Julio            Keeps His Own Counsel
Maria      Hikes With Smile Terri           Needs More Deet
Vicki       Carries All Fleece Craig           Toughs Out Tough Gut
Deb        Paints With Electron Rich            Walks On Very Big Paws
Ron         Eats Soup From Pan Pat              Beats Sweep To Camp
Denise and Michael              Makes Happy Newlywed Memories






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