Dear Wind Rivers Gang...


If you are reading this note...then you have already found my site...hope you enjoy browsing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.  I would love to have copies of the pictures you took so I can include them in this collection of memories.  I can scan your snapshots and will return them to you immediately...I can also scan your negatives if that is easier for you..or I can receive digital pics off the web. 

 I originally published the photos in a slide the viewer could make each one of them full size...but it took too long to load...also the way it is designed can right-click on an individual days "collage" of photos and "save as"...whatever...then if you could print out a whole page to use as you please.

I made a  loose-leaf scrapbook...with the journal on one page and the pics on the opposing page...This way I can  go back over my trip memories from time to time just to re-live and reminisce.  Found this inexpensive ($3 per mo.) server and domain name company so the site is here for at least a year... Enjoy!   Pat B.