Monday,  July 11th, 2005...East Fork River 

Due to the strenuous previous day…coffee call was delayed until 8 am.  Deb and Terri, still on duty made us hot oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins…Tang and milk.  It was necessary to dry out all our belongings due to the heavy nighttime dew…also…a few folks were feeling the altitude and a bit of dehydration from the previous day so when the dishes were done and everyone was packed…we decided to linger at Boulter for our LNT talk and a “Potty” lesson and a delicious lunch of tabuli and pita bread.     

We hit the trail by 1:30 pm…ha ha …that turned out to be a figure of speech…since it was necessary to immediately leave the trail proper in order to avoid two dangerous water crossings.  Carrying what must surely have been 50+ lbs…we quickly discovered that bushwhacking on an unmaintained trail was not about miles per hour…but rather about hours per mile…With Michael’s help…we all managed to stay dry on the one river crossing that we couldn’t avoid.   Around 3:30 or 4 pm…there was a lovely meadow we might have called home for the night…but the leaders voted no…so we hiked on…at 5:30…there was another possible campsite but the group voted no and we hiked on!   At 7 pm we called it a day…(actually a night) above the shore of the East Fork River.   

Maria and Julio were the unlucky cook crew who again had to endure dark and cold to feed the hungry crowd! Potato soup was great…but the  red beans and rice took too long to cook and we made a big mistake by being impatient and “harvesting”  them too soon…We carried most of  them out…There was a very short conservation discussion and I was so cold I had to go to bed…Chris hand delivered a peace offering of Windmill cookies. 

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