Friday, July 15th, 2005...Dad's Lake

Regular morning routine again…Granola cereal and English muffins today…On the trail by 8:30…WOW! Our earliest day yet.  Shortly after getting on the trail we stopped to chat with 2 Park service employees..(one was a volunteer) who were doing trail maintenance.  Topping the rise above Marm's Lake I heard a bell ringing... one of the hobbled horses grazing in the field had a bell on and was rolling around  on his back to scratch.  As we approached our lunch spot on Marm’s Lake,  we ran into an Wyoming enforcement Ranger complete with a sidearm, shotgun and great buns!  A real Marlboro man!   We had our best lunch ever on the hill overlooking the lake…We lazed around enjoying the serenity of the scenery for over an hour and a half…and reluctantly resumed our trek to Dad’s Lake but we still arrived before 2 pm.   I was relieved of my pack again on our re-crossing of the creek… and was allowed to get an early start there and on each of the subsequent rest breaks…therefore managing  beat the sweep to camp!   

At 4 pm we gathered for our map and compass lesson and we all found it to be very interesting and informative…We learned the difference between True and Magnetic North…Eastern and Western declination…we sighted and located many of the surrounding peaks on the map.  Ellen and Denise served up a great Navy bean soup…but the German potato salad wasn’t the favorite of many.  Our last conservation/activist talk tonight was led by Roger and we all turned in early to bed since a day hike to Wisconsin Col was planned for Friday. 

I slept out under the stars tonight and Jim was right…the Milky way is horizontal at 2 am!

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