Ladies Only Backpack
Noland Creek/Noland Divide
(Sept. 28-30)

(Photo Credits ... Linda M)

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Linda M. organized this delightful outing so that we could meet more gals who loved hiking and being in the woods. I believe I speak for all of us when I say that the weekend was a rousing success! The weather cooperated and a fantastic time was had by all.

Linda M. and Marti H. strolled in late on Friday afternoon, organized camp and set up tents for Terri C. and Pat B. who were not scheduled to arrive until dark. Luckily they made it just before dark.



Ida F. joined us around 9 am on Sat am and after much gear re-arranging we all started up Noland Creek trail around 10 a.m.

As we were hiking along...a lost hunting dog joined our group. We named him Harry or Fred or Buddy or Bandit...He was very popular except around mealtime as he was very hungry. We tied him up at mealtimes .

Our lunchtime break was taken at the horse camp site #63, where a couple of local horsemen set up chairs for us so that we could really relax in style! Just as we were starting to resume hiking Kimbra caught up with the group. Although the trail was littered with ball-bearing-like mast...she kept right on at warp speed and was all set up by the time we arrived at our home for the night.

Although we were tucked away snuggly in the back of site #61...Mary Ann H., Teresa and Kristen found us with no trouble.

Dinnertime found us all oohing and ahhing over many of the interesting culinary delights created by the more talented members of the group. The Sierra Club group has a once a year "Gourmet" Backpack...but Terri and Linda are taking back-country cuisine to a new level on a regular basis! I am going to press them for details and will soon be adding a link for recipes to this page..


We were all so glad that the fire ban was lifted just prior to our departure. A backpack without a campfire would have been very sad. Our fires both nights were just wonderful. Mary Ann instigated a couple of interesting campfire activities and we all discovered that yes indeed we did have many things in common...and less that the classic 6 degree area of separation.

During our evening discussion...we dicsovered that many of our group have completed or are working on their "900 miler" maps. The ones that are not actively participating offered to assist the others. Hopefully we will get more organized along those lines soon...

"Harry" aka Fred, Bandit , Buddy...found a cozy spot in the deep leaves and bedded down for the night...Pat had hoped to use him as a foot warmer...but he was already snoozing when we retired for the night.

Sunday morning we lazed around camp until almost 10 a.m. before we got on the trail. 

The air was cool and crisp our views from the overlook were magnificent.   The day passed much too quickly and we were all shuttled and ready to return home by 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon.