2_22    Our Adventure begins...
2_23    Waitomo Walkway and travel to Nat'l Park
2_24    The Infamous "Crossing"
2_25    Nat'l Park to Wellington
2_26    Picton Ferry trip and start of the Queen Charlotte Track...
Hike to Punga Cove...
2_28    On our way to Christ Church...
3_1      On the road to Te Anau..
3_2      Day 1 Milford Track
3_3      Day 2 Milford Track
3_4      Day 3 Milford Track
3_5      Day 4 Milford Track
Our Touron Day
3_7      Moturau Hut on Lake Manapouri....Kepler Track
3_8      Back home again in Te Anau...
3_9      Routeburn Track..Howden Hut...
3_10    Howden Hut to Routeburn Flats Hut...the easy way!.
3_11    Relaxing at Routeburn Flats Hut
3_12    Our last night in Queenstown
3_13    Home again...home again jiggity--jog! 

Many years ago as I viewed a TV special about hiking  in New Zealand...I never dreamt that some day I would actually be standing on that very same hill looking down at that spectacular stretch of the Hollyford Valley.  It's hard to believe that I am home again so soon... the wonderful 3 week adventure ending much too quickly.  It was all so  good. Starting with my friend, Anna Marie...the most patient and cheerful traveling companion anyone could ask for... to the exciting expectations of what lay just ahead, the fantastic weather and scenery, the on-time transportation, the great accomodations..and last but definitely not least...the wonderful, interesting and congenial people we met made the whole experience one that I will treasure as one of the most memorable adventures I have ever enjoyed. 

The journal that follows is not a trail guide.  In the planning of our trip, I read many on-line journals that did help me get a good idea of what to expect and gave me thorough description of the trails, towns and the entire area.  This journal is my own personal diary of our day to day encounters along the highways and byways of New Zealand.    Recorded in it are the day to day facts and tidbits that will help me re-live this wonderful journey in future years when I am no longer out on the trail.

Seven Boot-Prints in New Zealand is the wonderful short story in which my hiking partner Ann Marie, a creative writing teacher, recorded her travel thoughts ...Check it out!









Still in the process of  making a list of the best web-sites that I used in planning our trip as I couldn't have done it without the on-line services of the transportation vendors , the hostel directories, the many many sites that offered copious amounts of information and planning tools.


Check back in a few weeks and it may be completed...

Inter-City Bus Lines            Online booking and schedules N & S islands drive times
DOC Dept of Conservation  General Info on NZ Great Walks
DOC Milford Track              Planning and Booking
DOC Routeburn Track         Planning and Booking
DOC Kepler Track               Planning and Booking
Milford Track Info              Trek-Watch (Will notify you of any new cancellations or openings)
Track-Net  Shuttle             Transportation to and from Tracks etc
Queen Charlotte                General Info
Queen Charlotte Transport Cougar Lines info page
Inter-Islander Ferry
YHA Information                Hostels