Thursday 3_8...Back home again in Te Anau...

We slept in this morning...enjoying hearing the other trampers stuff their packs with gear while we snuggled deeper into our warm cozy sleeping bags.  At 9 am we finally made our way down to the kitchen which by this time was all ours.  I fried green peppers and onions and scrambled my eggs.  I was amazed that the butter has survived so well over the course of the trip .  Anna Marie and I walked up the trail aways to view the ledge where Alan fell in... but the water had subsided and it was now just a trickle. 

We were back "home" in Te Anau before 4 pm and went shopping for more goodies and veggies for our Routeburn trek, our last 3 nights in the bush.  Wow... the time sure went by quickly.  Tonight I cooked potatoes, onions, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and 1/2 of a chicken breast.  I froze the other half to take on the trail. 

I was chatting with some ladies from Canada and they asked if anyone knew how to play bridge.  Anna Marie had been listening to some basic info on the trail and I volunteered us for a game later that night.  She was apprehensive but did quite well and the ladies, Doris and Mable were very glad to be able to at least play a form of their favorite game.  By 9 pm we were all ready to crash and said goodnight.