Monday 3_5...Last Day on the Milford Track...View the Slide Show

11.2 miles to go today and I was still worried about missing the boat. We left at 6:20 in the dark again.  Ross had told us the trail wasn't rocky but I must say Anna Marie and I strongly disagreed with his description.  At 10:30 I got a message by way of the trail angels that Anna Marie would meet me at the boat.  Her plan was to get there...drop her pack and come back to help me get there on time.   My watchband had broken and I could only hear the hourly "beep-beeps"   At 10 :00 I took pill #2 and it helped to hasten my pace. 

I regret that I never even saw  McKay Falls but kept hearing the ominous beep-beeps of precious time passing too quickly.  At what I thought was 2 pm...I started to panic...I had just passed by Giants Gate and knew there were still  3 miles left to go.  I took another pill! The trail was now really just a foot ahead of another...soft almost mulch-like level footing and with the third pill doing it's job I was flying down the trail.  I almost collided with Anna Marie who never even glanced up to see who was approaching.   She never even considered the fact that I would be the cyclone that was approaching her at a 3 1/2 to -4 mile clip.   She gave me a big hug and we hiked the last of the trek side by side...arriving at the dock just in tme to see the 2 pm boat pulling away. 

My watch had fooled me and instead of 2pm it had only been 1 pm when I though all was lost.  Unfortunately the Dunedin gals who were behind me were scheduled for the 2 pm boat but it all worked out great and they were able to get a boat ride and a bus ride in the end and we got a chance to rest and visit some more before departing Sand Fly point.        

We had extra time to kill before our bus so we went to the cafe and Anna Marie had a bite to eat.  I should have done the same but my tummy was upset...Duh... no wonder after all the pain medication.  I asked at the desk for a plastic bag as I really was starting to feel quite queasy.  Our bus driver took the long way home and I although the scenery was fantastic...I thought the ride would never end.  We were dropped off at the door of our favorite YHA hostel at Te Anau.  I insisted on a celebratory dinner...not my best  idea.  I was so tired of drinking water that I had a beer as we waited forever for our dinne. When it finally came I took one bite and did became ill. Luckily I still had my plastic bag in my pocket!  I keptin insisting that Anna Marie go ahead and finish her dinner but for some reason it seemed she had lost her appetite also.  Our celebrtory dinners quickly became celebratory breakfasts.