Saturday 3_3...Day Two on the Milford Track... View the Slide Show

1650 vertical feet (ascent) 340 vertical feet (descent)

Felt much better this morning when I awoke.  I was able to squeeze my foot into my boots with only a moderate amount of discomfort.  We ate our hard boiled eggs for breakfast and I had half a slice of dried toast.  The 10.3 mile hike to Mintaro Hut was mainly uphill and that was good for my foot.  We wandered along the Clinton River for quite awhile.  The trail was still smooth and wide enough for side by side hiking for another 8 miles.   We loved the swing bridges and near the end of our trip we finally got the hang of how to traverse them.  We opted to skip the bypass to Hidden Lake (you can't see it from the main trail because of the surrounding bush).  We were told later that it was only a short distance...maybe next trip?

Passing through a grassy open area we encountered a large flock of Keas, the naughty NZ parrot that steals everything that isn't tied or nailed down.  But they didn't really bother us just circled and squawked a lot.   Anna Marie went on ahead and dropped her pack and returned to rescue me if needed.  I was OK and we got our bunk spots and did some laundry, we spent a lazy afternoon lounging in the sun on the helipad deck.  Since we hadn't stopped for lunch, we fixed our dinner early and ate by 4 pm.  Bed right after the Hut warden's message.