Tuesday 3_13... Flight home from Queenstown

At 8:30 am I left to hike to the Gondola office to retrieve my neck wallet.  Anna Marie took a hike up the Ben Lomond trail and strolled along the lakeshore almost to Frankton, where the airport is located.  I wandered around the town hoping I would bump into her but we ended up in very different areas of town...so we never met.  I shopped and enjoyed another Thai luncheon.  Brought home over half of it to eat for dinner at the airport.  Anna Marie tried to snuff a burger up her nose...she was very hungry for beef...funny I never missed it at all.  At 1pm hopped aboard the $8.00 shuttle to the airport.  Anna Marie could have saved her $8.00 if she had just dragged her suitcase with her and stayed earlier in the day...ha ha ha!  There was a young fellow on the shuttle that politely asked about our New Zealand itinerary. When he heard we had done the "Crossing" he groaned and said that although he had hiked all over the world...that was one of the most awful hikes he had ever done...and he was young!  That made us feel a bit better as it was billed as the finest one day hike in the world..and that was definitely not our opinion.  Since our flight wasn't until 3:15 we had plenty of time to wander the shops and buy our last minute tourist items. 

Our flight from Auckland was running late and we never did get the time change worked out correctly, therefore upon arriving at LA we didn't realize how close we were to missing our Nashville connection or we might have tried a bit harder.   But the 3 hour delay caused by the missed connection gave us a chance to catch a nap and Bob & Frank wandered around Bass-Pro in Nashville.  We visited with our Southwest flight attendant all the way to the airport.  She is hoping to take a NZ trip with her neice in the near future so we exchanged e-mail addresses.  Hope she catches this journal and it is helpful.  By the time we got to our homes and settled in for the night it was almost 3 am...on the 14th of March. Wow...what a great time...

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