Thursday 3_1...On the road to Te Anau...

When I got out of bed at 5:30... I couldn't walk...even barefoot the pain was nasty.  I couldn't even begin to put on a shoe much less my boots.  I ate some PB and toast and made a cup of bullion for breakfast.  Packed my food and got an internet card and a CD and put AM pictures on so we could clear her memory card for more photos.  I sent out a couple of e-mails and called Bob again...but there was no answer.  Our bus stop was a block away and it took me 15 minutes to get there.  Had we known the hostels had such great internet facilities we would never have never gotten our international phone card.

The hostel gave me an ice-pack and glory be...the front seats on the bus were turned around facing each other so I elevated my foot for the entire 8 hour trip.  Directly across the aisle we had a bus mate by the name of Virginia-Mary, an eccentric, eclective sort of misplaced hippie-type.  Opposite her, sat a precious 7 year old young lad by the name of Ethan, hugging his "furrbie" and satchel of action toys,  who was fascinated by the tall tales he was hearing from the strange lady.   

Across from me was a native Maori tribal schoolteacher who had very different views of the world from "Virgin Mary" .  Betwix and between them they made the 8 hour trip fly by quickly and before we knew it we were in our soon to be favorite town, Te Anau. 

Later in the eveing I attempted to  walk into town as we still needed to get some supplies for the Milford Track.  I was able to get a shoe on...but I was still in a great deal of pain.  Anna Marie suggested we give up the trip at this point but I was determined to keep going one way of another...I kept thinking that surely it would be better by morning.  As a last resort I hobbled into the sporting goods store and tried on a pair of Teva walking sandals.   The relief was instantaneous and I bought them on the spot even though they were well over $100.00! 

This was my most expensive day as along the way in Omaru I had finally found my $80.00 battery charger.