Wednesday 2 _28...On our way to Christ Church...

Although we awoke earlier, we snuggled down deep in our covers as the guided walkers clomped by on the deck way and didn't get into the kitchen until almost 8 am.  We were rewarded with a table full of leftovers from the guided walkers lunch supplies.  Ham and cheese and tomatoes and cucumbers and buns and lettuce.  Hilda gave me some of her homemade apricot jam made from trees on her property.  We made a feast for our traveling day lunches. 

Our Cougar line boat arrived on time and delivered us back to the Picton harbor at 11:30.  Our InterCity bus to Christ Church boarded at the Ferry terminal right on time at 12:30.  Our driver was very chatty and quite knowledgeable.  We passed many deer farms with fences just high enough that the deer weren't tempted to bolt...but given that they were corn fed they probably knew a good thing and stayed at home. 

We saw a different sheep with white bodies and black legs.  The driver told us they were Suffolk sheep.  I couldn't begin to count the vineyards along the way... established and newly planted they must have numbered near 100.  This is the newest ongoing industry in New Zealand.  We were running late due to road construction but the driver gave us a rest stop anyway.  He told us that we would be stopping in the next town, which he described as "Hinkly-Pinkly"...but quite safe and cheery.  "We will be late," he said..."But what the're on vacation!"  As we approached Christ Church we enjoyed the coastline highway rather like California's US 1.  

Anna Marie bought a $3 bottle of water...(for the bottle).  Everything we purchased in NZ seemed to cost $3.00.  Want a coke...$3...need a towel...$3...and so it went.  When we arrived at the YHA at 6:30...she realized she left her newly purchased bottle of water on the bus.  More water? $3.00!  Each new YHA  facility seemed to be better than the one we left.  Christ Church was no exception.  NIce kitchen and rooms and great computer area again.  We wandered around the Botanical garden area of town but I still didn't find a camera store no battery charger yet .  Next door to the YHA there was a small store where we bought more eggs to boil.  Glad I am on cholesterol medication. 

We were in a 4 bed room tonight and our room-mates were already asleep when we made it to the room to get ready for bed.  I wrapped Anna Maries ponytail in a bandanaso it would be curky in the am and just after I was all settled in I thought of something I needed to tell her.    I hopped up to whisper in her ear and managed to jam my little toe sideways on the bunkbed ladder.   I really though it would be better it the morning but boy was I wrong.