Fri.2_23...Waitomo Walkway...

We were up at 5 am...must have something to do with the changes in the time zones.  I cooked eggs for breakfast and AM slept in.  We got information from the hostel about a great walk I had read about on the web.  It was just as nice as the website depicted it to be.  Very gentle climb and a spectacular view of the surrounding area.  Am & I had hiked for 2 hours when I called it quits--while she went on another 2 hours further.   When she returned she had a great breakfast of sausage and eggs.  Our friendly shuttle driver arrived right on time and gave us the deluxe tour of the surrounding area on the way back to Otorotonga.  There is only 1 bus a day that goes directly to mainly carries the Cave tours passengers.  If you want to get to Waitomo any other time you must go via Otorotonga...which is about 15 minutes and a $9.00 shuttle ride down the road. 

Our bus to National Park, the town, was right on time and we were met  by the Backpacker Hostel van which delivered us to our doorstep.  Our rooms were very nice and the kitchen was well equiped...albiet small.  We were in a 4 bed room with two lovely youg gals from Israel.  After strolling around the area and visiting the corner store...we had our supper...I had potato soup and english muffins & cheese.  I am not sure I even tasted it...I was so tired... I went right to our room and crashed at 6:30 pm.  Anna Marie stayed up to join our two room-mates in their celebration of the Passover.