Backpacker Magazine Editor's Trip

November, 2005

Mt.Humphrey's,  Flagstaff, AZ


In 2002, Backpacker magazine sponsored a "Get out More" promotional.  On Thursday afternoon...they sent out an e-mail to the registered, interested individuals...outling special airline deals folks could grab good last minute prices.  They let the registrees know when and when to meet so that they could  hike with the editors that weekend.    My friend Terri and I had spare Southwest tickets that needed to be used before their expiration date and we joined the Backpacker editors...Johnathan Dorn, exec.editor, Gina De Millo, NY office Annette Devincy, SW editor and a local guide named Mike in Flagstaff.  Also along for the ride were a judge from Phoenix, a Dr. from MN and a service man from TX.  We were pretty sure we would be hiking in Sedona, AZ...but alas...we ended up at 10,000 on Mt. the snow!

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