Thomas Divide/Sunkota/Deep Creek

(Anna Marie is 1000 steps nearer the end of her QUEST!! )


These two days we were hiking "Zebra" style...if you don't understand that...let me explain that zebras never travel any faster than the speed of their slowest members... They protect and revere not only their young and their OLD & WEAK! (Thank goodness for Zebras...)

Clocking in at 9 am at Newfound Gap road we put in a full days work...clocking out at campsite #57 at 5 pm...

Pat carried her heavy GPS...(6 oz) but it wasn't able to see the sky due to the leafy canopy of hardwoods that protected us from the 100 degree heat...we never complained.

After refreshing our bodies in the middle of Deep Creek trail/creek...we filled our tummies with a yummy dinner topped off with Lemon pudding smothered in mixed berries and slivered almonds...Our tent was up..our food was up...our trash was burned and it was only 8pm...what did we do next...WE WENT TO BED!

Did you know that birds still sing in the dark... they must have been in the Whipoorwill family.

Morning arrived with more birdsong and we were on our way a little before 9 again...crossing paths with the Thursday club hikers on their way down around 11 the worst section of Deep Creek just above the string of was very eroded and nasty. The only problems on the whole trip were the stinging nettles that attacked us both and the stinging yellowjacket that attacked Pat.

Anna Marie predicted that the most difficult part of our hike would begin at 3...(the steepest section of the trail )...Actually we never even noticed the grade change...we were too busy trying to stay dry...since at 3 pm the skies opened up and dumped out a torrent of rain.

Arriving at the parking/overlook at 4 pm...I really should have asked the tourists there to take our one would believe just how pathetic we looked!

Only 8 more trails to go for AM...Check back in August to see her progress...




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