Friday,  March 23 , 2001 


In the past three days we have experienced temperatures from the lower 20ís on the rim to the upper 90ís on the Tonto. We awoke to Patís laughter as she assumed Anna Marie had over taken her portion of the sleeping area. Actually it turned out that Patís tossing and turning had slid her sleeping mat under Anna Marieís!

Anna Marie was the only one whining about being sore today. After a leisurely breakfast, Dennis, and our new neighbor Jim, a philosophy professor, along with a still highly energized Terri set off for Cheyava  Falls at 8:45. Bill planned to hike out to Demaray Point.  The dry desert air was conducive to daily clothes washing and refreshing baths in Clear Creek.  After the laundry was done, Pat shifted into the "Survivor" mode and did the "Martha Stewart thing" around the campsite for over an hour.  Meanwhile, Anna Marie entertained herself with the National Enquirer and journal writing. Our only fear is that we may have accidentally killed several ravens by inadvertently dropping our meds along the way.

Our new friend Jim hiked out today and will put our name on the waiting list at Phantom Ranch for Sunday evening. We have our fingers crossed!

The trip to Cheyava Falls was a success. Terri and company had no trouble finding their way up the canyon and the falls were indeed running for the first time in 3 years. The water emerged out of the cliff face high up on the redwall and then disappeared; only to re-appear again and flow 70 to 80 feet down the wall. There were a few moments of doubt that the falls might be dryÖas the group boulder hopped and bush whacked their way up the right fork of a dry wash much of the way. The last part of the hike was a tough climb, then a scramble up loose rocks. On the way back, a side trip was made up Obi Canyon to Obi Falls. It didnít contain as much water as Cheyava but it was very high and dramatic. Unable to locate the Anazasi ruins, Dennis and Jim launched into a lively philosophy discussion much of the way back. While Terri added the Colorado Four OíClock, Mormon Tea and the Engleman Prickly Pear to the list of flowers spotted in the area. Terri and Dennis made plans to hike to the river in the am and Bill, Anna Marie and Pat opted for the tamer hike to Obi Falls. Bill continues to be thankful that Dennis has a buddy so that he can rest. We all socialized for awhile after dinner but crashed and burned by 7:30.

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Cheyava Falls



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