Tuesday,  March 20,  2001 


Pat got up at 5 am and went over to Bright Angel Transportation desk to be first in line to sign up for a cancellation. When  Angela, the deskperson, arrived at 5:45 she sent Pat home with a promise to put her name at the top of the list. We all then walked over to Back Country office and waited until it opened at 8:00. We were given the number 11. Unfortunately, number 10 got the last campsite of the day, however we were able to get Sunday evening’s Clear Creek site changed to a much more convenient one at Bright Angel. After a great breakfast at Yavapai Cafeteria, Terri and Anna Marie suggested that Pat check again on the chance of Phantom Ranch cancellation. Lo and behold the angels smiled upon us….well Angela smiled on us and found us a Wed. evening cabin and BREAKFAST as a bonus!

On our first of many trips to Babbitts General Store we checked out the fuel situation and Anna Marie got a great Grand Canyon cap! Our helpful salesperson, Maverick, couldn’t find any webbing for our Clear Creek climb so we purchased 25 feet of rope …more than enough to hang ourselves with!  Upon our return to cabin we repacked….again. We took AM pack to the mule barn. We were 6 pounds over weight…boo hoo.

About a week before we were to leave Terri's sister, Bonnie had called from her home in Florida .  She said she would be in the Grand Canyon on a train trip at the same time we were there.  "Could we be available to visit on Tuesday, March 20th?"  she asked.  Terri  couldn't believe her luck since she hadn't seen  Bonnie for over 2 years.   As we were ready to repack again, Bonnie’s train arrived and we gathered with the group for a leisurely shuttle to the west rim. The bus did not leave Hermits Rest until 2:45. Pat had a wasted panic attack since we waved goodbye to the group at 3:30…right on time.

We repacked…again and finally got the duffle accepted at 30lbs exactly! Tromped back to Yavapi café for blueberry yogurt and of course we needed one more trip to Babbitts for more essentials. We are afraid our packs will weigh 40 lbs!

We took a before-dinner east rim sunset tour and stayed  at the Yavapi observation lookout until dark. Pat almost cried when she realized she left her camera in the room, since the evening light was the best she had ever seen. Using the pictorials and information located in the center, we tracked our imminent route across the Tonto, past Sumner Butte, Bradley Point, Zoraster Temple, Demaray Point and the Clear Creek wash. Cheyava Falls is purported to be running for the first time in many years. After dinner at Yucaipa Cafeteria we repacked again and called home to TN. Anna Marie told Frank she will be working at the Grand Canyon next summer. Terri and Pat have invited themselves and Gary and Bob for a long visit! We watched the weather channel for our final forecast….everything looks terrific.

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