Monday,  March 19,  2001 


Up at 5:30 and ready for our buffet breakfast when doors opened at 6:00. We ate heartily and arrived on time for shuttle/taxi at 6:30. Pat parked the car in the prescribed area inadvertently leaving Terri’s sunglasses in her car.

Since Southwest had provided an abundance of free drink coupons, our teetotaler Anna Marie was elected to be the designated driver. Terri and Pat each ordered 4 bottles of wine, actually 3 of them were smuggled off the plane for future use, disguised as grape juice! Our Southwest flight was ahead of schedule and we landed in Phoenix at 11:45. Luckily, Alamo accepted Pat’s "free day" coupon and we were able to fit all of our gear into the tiny Chevy Cavalier. Despite the salesman’s tales of gloom and doom…our "intermediate sedan" made the trek over the mountains quite handily. The three hour ride to the Grand Canyon was leisurely stretched into six with stops at Black Oak Canyon, Slide Rock State Park, Sedona and Flagstaff. Leaving at 12:15 we arrived at Bright Angel at 6:00.

Our first order of business was a look over the rim. Anna Marie was overcome with emotion and shed more than a few tears. Terri likened the moment to a look through Alice’s Looking Glass. We eventually checked into our Bright Angel Lodge cabin and after a great dinner at the Bright Angel dining room we took a cool evening walk to locate the Back Country Office for our early morning wait. 


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