Sunday ,  March 18,  2001 


After 2 months of anticipation and planning the big departure day finally arrived. Anna Marie, Frank and Terri arrived at Pat’s house around 2:30 pm. Ron & Ann Brown came over to see us off. Frank & Bob watched the races while the rest of the group gathered around the humus and Bagel chips toasting one another with the Brown’s bon voyage gift of wine. Unfortunately Gary was unable to join us due to illness. Our trip officially got underway at 3:15 when we departed for Nashville and the Days Inn. After checking out several dinner locations we finally settled on O"Charleys. It was a good choice…The food was delicious and debating the ingredients of the Wasabi sauce kept Anna Marie and Terri entertained for the entire trip. As it was still early, Anna Marie suggested a movie and what a movie it turned out to be…15 Minutes with Robert De’Niro at Cinema 27…WOW! Talk about action…Terri and Pat were only able to sneak a peek at many of the scenes through spread fingers. We found our way back to our room and our beds by 11:00.


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