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WEAK TWOS...a Modern Mini-Preempt

Competitive bidding has improved so much over the last 50 years, that good players are afraid to leave a clear path for the opponents!  The trend in modern bidding has been toward more preempting, making the opponents a guess at a higher level.


O.K.  You already bid a bad hand with a 7-card suit...opening at the 3-level..Standard American Goren...

It usually makes for a lot of fireworks...very rarely are you the one that gets burned!  So now let’s  reserve all of the two-level  bids (except for 2C) for 6-card suits with less than opening count..(usually 5-10 HCP.)


This has been done since 1928, by top-level tournament players...with guaranteed results!  After all, isn’t it silly to use up 4 bids (2C, 2D, 2H & 2S) just to show those monster hands that seldom come up?  You are more likely to hold a 5-10 HCP hand with a 6-card suit let’s play the percentages!


Here’s how it works...While a 3 level opener is purely tactical, (it’s main purpose is to steamroller the opponent’s auction), the weak two is both tactical and descriptive.  If partner is NOT a passed hand, he may very well wish to investigate game.  Here are the standard disciplined qualifications for playing weak twos:


OPENER:In Spades, Hearts & Diamonds only:


  1)  usually shows a 6-card suit…(some frisky folks have made this bid with only 5 cards!)

  2)  5-10 HCP  (If you have 11 HCP & a six card suit it is really 12 Opening Pts..Open at the 1 level!)

  3)  Vul...”Structured” suit...this means your suit contains 2 of the top 3 Honors..AK or AQ or KQ

  4)  Not Vul....Structured or it over with partner!!!      

  5)  No other 4 card Major  

  6)  No voids...(Your hand may be too valuable if you can help partner’s suit...

RESPONDER should PASS except:

  1)  BID GAME with strong opening 1NT count (16-18 HCP) and 2/3 card support..

  2)  INVESTIGATE GAME with 3/4 card support and opening hand 13-15 HCPs..

                a general guideline is that with 2-card support your side can make the original 2-level bid

  3)  BID A SLAM with 0 pts and 2/3 card support...Use Blackwood..Bid a few of their suits...


Escalate the bidding level...because…IF THEY HAVE THE SLAM...and it could be worth 1430 if they are Vul...Partner needs your help to stop them.


Example:  If they are Vul and you are not..they get 1430 for their slam...

If you get doubled and go down as many as 6 tricks... they can only get WIN!

If you are vul and they are not...use your mental calculator and go as high as you dare..They get 920 for their go down at this rate...200, 500,800, 1100, 1400.Down 3 is a good sacrifice...even vul!


WARNING...Many players new to weak 2’s tend to respond too often...remember at the very most Partner only has 10 HCPs...They have made a preemptive bid. Unless you want to further the preempt…just say PASS most of the time. 

***Investigating game:  When partner opens the weak two, occasionally you wish to know more about his hand.  You may then bid 2NT (A conventional response) asking Partner to tell you more about his hand.  Usually you want to know 2 Partner at the top of his bid  9-10 pts and does he have an outside feature (an Ace or a King) other than in his bid suit...


Example: You hold   KJx  xx AQxxx Kxx..

                Over Partners opening bid 2NT...Partner responds 3D.  This means he has 9-10 hcp and  a top Diamond...just what you wanted to hear...Bid 4 Spades.  When Partner has junk they will rebid their suit as cheaply as possible...If Partner held AQxxxx  xxx xx Qxx...they would bid 3S and you would pass...



After partner's weak opening, any bid by responder is 1 round forcing, except for a direct raise of partner's suit, which is invitational, and a raise to game.

After 2NT response, partner may bid 3nt with a maximum and balanced hand outside of suit, bit an outside control (Feature), or rebid the suit with a weak hand.

Standard American defense  against the Opponents Pre-empts...


Over Opponent's Weak 2 Bid Opener...Bid  = 12-15

                                                                  X  = 15


Over Opponent's 3 Level Opener......Bid =14-16

                                                              X =17=18+


“Fishbein” DefenseDouble is for penalty
Cheapest possible suit (some folks use cheapest minor) is takeout of the opener's suit.