Tellico Village Duplicate Bridge Club

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Michaels Cue Bid & Unusual 2NT

Competitive Overcalls

Both of these bids are overcalls which are used to show 2-suited hands. The overcaller is showing a 5-5 distribution...

Michaels "tends" to show the majors...and Unusual 2NT the minors...

                1C...2C shows 5-5 in the majors

                1D...2D  shows 5-5 in the majors

                1H...2NT promises 5 Spades and 5 cards in an unspecified minor...

                1S...2NT  promises 5 Hearts and 5 cards in an unspecified minor...


The required pts are a matter for partnership agreement...but conventional wisdom seems to be that if your hand is in the 13-16 point range you should try to bid both suits...with less you pass partners bid..with more you either Michaels and bid or double and bid...plain Michaels is usually reserved for a less than opening hand.

Unusual 2NT may be played strictly for the MINORS...or it may be used to show the 2 remaining lowest unbid suits "THE 2 LOWER UNBID"

If the opener bids Clubs...and you hold Spades and Diamonds...this is very difficult to 2NT...your partner will assume you have Hearts and Diamonds...if they bid bid Spades and then they will alert*** your real holding is S & D!!

All of these bids are meant to be used a blocking bids...when you are two-suited you cannot "COUNT POINTS"... Shape (Length) is very important!

One of the main reasons for this bid is to let your partner know you are willing to "sacrifice" in one of these suits if the opponents suggest slam...

There is some room for deviation from the MICHAELS 5-5 format if you are not forcing your partner to bid at the occasionally may make the bid with 5-4 distribution.  If the bidding has gone  1C...2C...Partner is supposedly choosing between your 5 Hearts and your 5 Spades...if your Hearts just happen to only be 4 cards long...(but they are nice ones...) it shouldn't be a major disaster...after all, this isn't a slam or even a game try...just a "BLOCKING", GAMBLING, SACRIFICE type bid. 

***RESPONDERS....Just because of this possible scenario...make sure you and your partner have discussed this situation before you JUMP with only 3 card support...

These bids are by nature OFFENSIVE...that is they provide very little if any defensive values for your side.  They are fun to use and often times effectively "muddy the waters" for the opponents...But be careful to discuss your "style" with partner beforehand..