Since minor openings really don't give much information...only promising 3 of the minor and opening hand, the responder, in a partnership which is playing the "STANDARD" bidding style, may have difficulty showing a fit with some hands. Pre-emptive and "Limit" descriptions may be shown by single or double raises;or perhaps the partnership may choose to use these bids as "Limit" and/or Forcing raises. Even if you have a minor suit fit, you rarely wish to play at the five-level as 3NT is normally far easier to make. But after you have found a minor suit fit, if you want to play in 3NT… you will need space to locate stopper in the unbid suits, space often not available after, for example 1C --3C. This problem is solved by 'inverting' the 2C and 3C raises, so that 2C shows the stronger hand. (Using this convention after interference is a partership agreement!)

After the partnership has developed a little further...the use of the "Inverted Minor System" will save bidding room with invitational and/or game going hands.

Much later… the addition of artificial responses takes the partnership to a higher level...where ALL types of hands may be shown. (Bergen’s Minor Suit Raises)

The first priority (of course) is to show the major suit fit. ..DO NOT use these bids if you have a four-card Major!

INVERTED...Advantage...Saves bidding room, can show more types of hands

1C...3C=preemptive...Usually opener will pass but could show controls "up the line" if extra values! If minimum hand...may chose to further the preempt! 1C..3C..4C/5C!

1C...2C=Limit raise 10+ (...could be game forcing hand!)

(Inverted minors convention combines limit and forcing raises...5+ cards to raise clubs and 4 cards to raise diamonds.

Partnership treatment may be to use 1C..2C as Limit and agree that 3 of other minor be used as a forcing raise.

*NOTE:Without special agreement otherwise...1C...2C should be considered to be forcing to 2NT or the 3 level of the openers minor!

Bids and Responses
After opening one of a minor:
A raise to the 2-level shows 10-12HCP, 4 cd support in D and 5 cd in C
A raise to the 3-level shows 5-8 HP, 5 card support

The purpose of the raise to the three level is to try to pre-empt opponents out of the auction. It is much easier for them to compete at the 2-level than the 3-level.

After a raise to the 2-level, control showing bids can be used to locate the correct contract.

Opener"s Rebids.…

2D, 2H,2S..shows “controls”…bid these controls…up the line!

(Another variation is to use the new suit at the 2 level to show a 3 cd suit with extra values

and the 3 level to show a stopper with full opener..1 rd force)

2NT.......Non-forcing bid with exactly 3 of original Minor and no 1st round control in another suit..

3NT.......Maximum hand...18-19 pts

3D/3H/3S..4 of original minor and shortness (SPLINTER) in bid suit!