Tellico Village Duplicate Bridge Club

Tellico is a member of Knoxville Bridge Association


Strong "Two Clubs"

There has to be one bid that partner respects and that indicates you want to try for a game… That is an artificial 2C. It says you have a great hand, but does not say in which suit.

Opener’s Evaluation

For these big hands, some people still use the old Goren rule of 25 pts/5-card suit; 23 pts/6-card suit; 21 pts./ 7-card suit. A good thing about this evaluation is that it takes long, longer and longest suits into account.

Other systems simply say 22+ points. This is good for beginners, who have no hand evaluation experience.

I prefer to use this bid to tell pard I need only 1 trick from their hand..(maybe 1½ tricks on a bad day)

Which of the following hands seems stronger?

1) AKxx AKxx AQx .. AJ Total of 26 points
2) x Axx AKQxxxxxx ---- Total of l8 points
(Hint…remember when in a suit contract count losers…in a NT contract count winners…)

If your partner has fewer than 6 HCP, can you make game with hand # a?
Only if pard holds magic cards!
Can you make a game with hand #b? Probably, except on Tuesdays…

This is not to say that we will not open hand #a with 2Clubs (opening 2NT shows 20-21 HCP). And it would not be wrong to open hand #b with 1Diamond.

Rule. If it’s a fantastic hand, open it with your strong bid.

3 reasons for onening a strong 2C

1) 8 ½ tricks in hand AKQxxxx Axx Kx xx

2) Too many points not to AKQxx Axx AQx Ax

3) You’d be sick if pard passed…AKxxxx AKQxx x x

Common factor: game is possible…even if pard has fewer than 6 HCP.

Balanced Hands



1 of a suit




1 any—1other, 2NT

18–19 HCP








Responder’s Evaluation

Bid 2D unless you have a good (HEADED BY 2 OF THE TOP 3 HONORS) 5-card suit and 8+ HCP.

You are forced to take the bidding to 2NT..3 of a Major  or 4 of a minor...unless partner bids and rebids his suit WITHOUT SUPPORT FROM YOU!

Notice you are being asked about your point count when you are responding to pard’s strong opening 2 Clubs….NOT YOUR SUIT! as when you answer an opening one-level bid. Sometimes you can do both at once, but point count takes precedence.

Example…. Partner opens 2C. With J987543 6 875 86, responder does not respond 2S. Make your 2D waiting bid. You maybe able toshow your spades at one of your later bids…

Responder’s Action

(A good suit is one headed by 2 of the top 3 honors)

Pard opens 2Clubs and you hold: AKxxx xxx Qxx xx. Respond 2S. If pard bids 3H, raise to 4H, He now knows you have a reasonable spade suit, decent points and heart support.

2) OTHERWISE BID 2D.This is called a “waiting bid”… This can be either a weak or strong response. You will tell partner which with your next bid. Right now, save bidding space with no good suit to talk about and now the 2C opener will now bid his suit or 2NT if he was strong and balanced (22-24 HCP).

Now responder should clarify his point count… With any points at all, he supports paid if he can, or (2nd choice) bids a 5-card suit of his own or lastly, 2NT. The contract is going at least to 2N...3 of Major or 4 of minor!

*Optional 2H bid should show no A, K or even 2 Q...after this bid-Opener will place the game knowing responder will not be forced anymore!

Responder’s Second Bid

With a real bust (0-2 points and no tricks) responder can bid his cheapest minor 3C or 3D, this is an artificial bid telling pard, “I have no Ace or King and no ruffing value. Pard, I haven’t a single trick for you.” (Called a 2nd Negative)

If opener then rebids his suit, responder may pass below game.

Responder holds: xxxxx xx xxx xxx. The bidding proceeds: 2C,2D,2H,3C**…When opener now says 3H, responder may pass. Any other bid here by opener forces to game or until the opponents are doubled.

Examples: Pard opens 2C. You respond 2D, he bids 2H) Axxx xx Qxx xx., Bid 2NT.

No slam probably, but you must take a forward-moving bid.

1) Qxxxx xx Kxxx Kx…..Bid 2S. Positive response, weak 5-carder. Try for slam.
2) Axxx xxx xx Kxx Raise to 3H. Good stuff.
3) Axxxx xx xxx xxx Bid 2D .Rebid 2S.
4) Do not use the Second Negative with an Ace or King! Get to game.

Stayman, Jacoby Transfers over 2 NT

If the bidding proceeds 2C – 2D, 2NT - ?, you can now use 3C as Stayman asking for a 4-card major. Notice 3C is not 2nd negative over 2NT. If you are busted, pass 2NT(it is not forcing…it is quantitative!) You may also use Jacoby.

Opener’s holds KQ102 AQJ K2 AQJ4

Responder holds Axxx Kx xxxx Kxx:

The bidding goes…2C-2D-2NT-3C-3S-6S (4NT instead of an immediate 6S also OK)

Gambling 3NT

*Alert…opening 3NT with a running 7-card minor suit…, no outside Ace or King (x xx AKQJxxx Qxx.)

Pard bids 4C with no stoppers in the other suits. Either pass or bid 4D if that was your long minor.

Ex. 1. Pard opens 3NT*. Q9xx Kxx x Axxxx. Pass.
Even if they guess to lead a spade, this contract may work. Notice opponents can probably make game in hearts…, but now it is hard for them to find it.

Ex. 2. You hold xx xx xxx Kxxxx Pass
If you are brave…this is the time to further the preempt…by bidding 5 or 6 D…that must be partner’s suit since you hold the K of clubs! Block their slam investigation