Our Bear Creek Trip
(Lamar's almost Last Hike!)

Terri, Marti, Lamar & Pat
(Road to Nowhere)

We set off at 1 pm...it was only 95 degrees...4 hrs/ 6 miles later we arrived at campsite #75...

Tired and hot... but ready to PARTY!!

We told Lamar we had prepared party hats...favors and game for him!...He countered with..."Well...I put in a request for the Chippendale dancers.." we laughed, but in the middle of the party 3 bare-chested...washboard abb-ed young studs rolled into camp!

View at our Story-time photos...as we told the "Legend of Lamar "
We scared off the Chippendale Dancer/Hikers singing "Lamar's Song"

Dinner was a great new recipe by Marti...Chicken Pot Pie with Dumplings!

Sunday Pat hiked her blisters out to the car...

The rest of the group did the High Rocks scene...again it was 95 degrees///

Now who was the "BLOND"?


View a Slide Show of our trip